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Google Local Business SEO Services

Apart from providing range of services like local online marketing and local social media marketing, we also specialize in local search engine optimization services (Google local SEO services).

Reasons why the Google local SEO services are so critical for small business?

As per the research conducted, it is shown that the products and the services are first searched online by most of the customers. It is here that a good local search engine optimization services company needs to play a pivotal role. A potential customer requiring details of any dentist, restaurant or car rental services, will usually first search for them in Google or Bing. After locating them, he will make use of tools like Google Maps, for finding the directions to your place. This behavioural trend of the consumer has become a regular practice and has manage to become even more prevalent due to the growth of smartphone devices and the ever increasing need of searching on the move.

Is getting a Google local business SEO listing, a specialized job?

Yes it definitely is. Having experience of over 10 years being in Google local SEO services, we, over a period of time, have developed our own little bag of tricks. These help the clients get to the top of local listings but in an ethical manner. Since over last decade, our local SEO methodology and practices, apart from having evolved have also proven to be successful.

SEO Methodoloy

Methodolgy followed by our Google local business SEO services:

• Competitive Analysis – In-depth and complete competitive analysis help us in understanding about our competitors’ weaknesses and strengths. This groundwork forms the basis of our strategy to be used for our clients.

• Keyword Analysis – The next step followed by us is, an exhaustive keyword analysis, which is based on real time search data, got from your borough. Guesswork are strictly a no-no.

• Development of Meta Tags – After blueprinting your entire website, the next step is developing of page-specific Meta Tags. These are done in such a way that each page gives clear information to the search engine crawler about its content. This helps in ensuring efficient page indexing by the search engines like Yahoo and Google.

• Optimizing Content – With content being the King, we ensure of providing originality and depth to the content, apart from ensuring that all the targeted keywords are reflected by the content, in the required keyword density.

• Listing in the Google Local Map – We provide assistance for helping your business get listed in Google local map listing. As this being the most vital aspect of all, the activity needs to be done with utmost accuracy and also updated periodically.

• Link Building – Our intensive monthly link building campaign ensures our continuous support to your website. Since links are compared to that of being gold nuggets, quality back links can go a long way in strengthening your website credentials, in the eyes of search engines like Google and Yahoo.

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