Pay Per Click

What is Pay per Click (PPC) Advertising Services?

A form of advertising services, pay per click India (PPC), have succeeded in becoming one of the most cost effective Internet marketing channels. One can, through competitive bidding process, buy a favourable position, for choice of specific keyword search phrases, on the search engine results. As indicated by the name, pay per click India, you are required to pay only for results on a “pay per click packages” basis.

Strategic placement and immediate visibility are the dual advantages achieved by PPC Services advertising. The use of PPC Services advertising can help in getting you, Page 1 visibility of the search results, even for the most competitive categories, no sooner you initiate the campaign. Based on the budget available to you, determining the placement of your ad, is of equal importance.

Apart from being one of the most cost effective online advertising services, PPC also has other considerable amount of benefits for its online advertisers with pay per click packages. This is made possible due to continuous monitoring and measuring the efficacy of their online campaign, and identifying the problematic areas and taking corrective actions, unlike the other online media.

Currently pay per click India has become one of the easiest, cheapest and fastest method of online advertising.

PPC Services Methodology:

Apart from being highly evolved and proven model, our online PPC Services advertising management services program, cover the following critical activities:

1. Understanding Your Business

Considerable amount of efforts and time is spent by us in understanding your business

• Customer groups are thoroughly understood

• Decision making process of the customers are understood • Market/product category are understood

• Current status of the website on the search engines is analyzed

2. Competitive Analysis
• A comprehensive competitive analysis is conducted by us based on the above information

• Analyzing competitive SWOT

• Their online strategies and tactics are understood

3. Keyword Research and Short-Listing

• Ensuring about the appropriate keywords are being employed by the campaign, is one of the most important factors. Hence the right set of keywords are short-listed and generated by us.

4. Campaign Development

• Distinct target audiences and category search trends are focused on, with the help of developing a comprehensive group of campaigns.

5. Landing Page Development

• A crucial factor for generating business enquiries and maximising conversions, a landing page/s is developed by us, for the campaign.

6. Implementation of Campaign Tracking

• Implementing tracking codes, along with the client’s team, helps aiding in tracking conversions from your pay per click marketing campaign.

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