Search engine marketing

In the process of Seo companies in Delhi NCR, the website is marketed through various social networks. This is gaining lot of popularity as it is a very potent channel of online marketing communication. The website is benefited through increasing brand awareness. Quality traffic is driven to the website and valuable links can be obtained from reputed websites. Today, through social networking sites, blogs, social bookmarking sites and forums, one can easily recognise the participative nature of the web. The brand presence of business as the target audience perceives can be defined typically.

We are a professional Seo companies in Delhi services company and are known for providing excellent services all across the globe. If you have plans to sell services or products on the internet, you can get assistance with our integrated social media marketing strategy. This would make the site quite profitable over a period of time.

How can you benefit with our Seo services Mumbai ?

• Increasing brand awareness

This is the most intangible and valuable benefit that is derived from a good social media marketing campaign. When one participates in forums, the value proposition is articulated and the brand awareness is increased significantly.

• Increase in website traffic

With a well planned and effective campaign, quality traffic is driven to the website. This is categorised into primary and secondary traffic. Primary traffic means visitors who are coming from social media websites directly. On the other hand, secondary traffic means visitors coming through back links in the content.

• Increase in back links

When a social media campaign is planned systematically, large number of back links can be obtained and these are quite important from the point of view of search engines. When several permanent and natural links are received from trusted domains, authority is developed by Seo services Mumbai. The search engines start trusting it. As a result, the ranking becomes higher.

We use a professional approach

As we are a professional company, we use a highly proven model. The following critical activities are broadly covered:

1. First we would understand your business

Considerable effort and time is spent in understanding the business.

 The category of product or market is understood

 Customer groups are understood

 The decision making process of customers is understood

 The current status of websites on major search engines is analysed.

2. Competitive analysis

 Based on the information given above, a comprehensive competitive analysis is done

Seo companies in Delhi analysis is done

 Online tactics and strategies are understood

3. Development of a strategy

 Based on the information above, a customised strategy of social media marketing is developed

 Then it is fine tuned with inputs.

4. An account is set up

 An account is set up with sites like Twitter, Squidoo, Slideshare, Myspace and Facebook

 Regular updates are given in the accounts.

5. A blog is set up

 We would set up a blog with Wordpress or Blogger

 We would provide regular assistance to update these blogs

Apart from all these, we would submit articles and Press releases online and would monitor your growth constantly with monthly reporting.

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