Seo marketing India

As everyone is aware there are billions of internet users. Around 88 percent of these users make use of Seo marketing India while surfing on the web.

What is Seo marketing India?

It is the art and science of getting the website ranked in 1st few pages of major search engines through a set of defined keywords. We are a professional web promotions, internet marketing, SEO and SMM services company and are known for providing excellent SEO services all across the globe. The targeted traffic to the website would be increased substantially with our SEO savvy skills. This would result in more sales and leads.

Why choose professional Seo marketing India services?

Since we are a professional company, providing Internet marketing seo, our experience and knowledge in this area will surely help in getting benefits for long term.

• When a website is optimised, it would offer a better ROI in comparison to banner ads or other methods of Internet marketing seo.

• Our services help in capturing targeted traffic.

• We provide sustainable long term solutions to the traffic woes. You can get higher rankings for a long term.

• Our services would result in huge savings.

What steps are involved in the process?

Considerable effort and time is spent in understanding the business of Internet marketing seo.

• The category of market and product is understood

• Then a thorough understanding of customer groups is done

• The process of customer decision making is understood.

• The content, navigations and structure requirements are understood to Seo and internet marketing.

• The current status of website on major search engines is understood.

Competitive analysis is done

Based on the information given above, a competitive analysis is done

• Analysis of competition Seo and internet marketing

• The websites are analysed in terms of traffic trends, content, structure etc.

• Online tactics and strategies are understood.

Keyword research is done

The right set of keywords are generated and short listed and this is a very important factor when it comes to successful SEO. We combine our expertise with our research processes and methodologies for ensuring your success.

Content Restructuring and Website Optimisation

• The entire structure of the website is rationalised in terms of dynamics and links for better search engine indexing.

• Individual pages are correlated with respective keyword groups.

• We ensure that the meta tags support every page with relevant keyword groups or phrases of Seo and internet marketing.

• HTML coding is optimised for making sure that the home page is W3C compliant. Headings, hyperlinks and image alt tags are added.

• The content is edited and restricted for making sure that the targeted keywords and page theme are relevant.

Search engine submission

• Website pages are submitted manually to all major search engines such as AOL, My Web Search, ASK, Bing, Yahoo and Google.

Strategic Link building

• Extensive research is conducted for identifying relevant affinity sites

• They are contacted on individual basis to establish a dialogue

• Linking progress and confirmation reports are provided on regular basis.

After all this, you can see increase in the website rankings in around 3 months. Reports are sent on fortnightly basis through emails. The site optimisation is constantly monitored.

SEO Methodology

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